The Process

Jon (our designer) and Hayden (our shaper) will work with you to build a board that’s right for you, taking into account your skill level, body type, and the kind of waves you typically surf. You’ll be fully involved in the process. You can choose a colour tint, or simply opt for a plain white board with logo placement. From there, we’ll send you a visual of your new board for sign off. If there’s anything you want tweaked, this will be your chance to give us feedback. Any further details or specifications can be discussed directly with Hayden.

Shaper Profile

Hayden Chamberlain is one of New Zealand’s most skilled and respected shapers, with more than 15 years’ experience under his belt. After cutting his teeth working for iconic brands like Fresh Squeezed, Hot Buttered, Razor and Primal, Hayden stepped out and launched his own thriving company, HC surfboards. He’s now the go-to shaper for many of our country’s top surfers, who ride his boards everywhere from Maori Bay to Macaronis. Hayden works and lives on Auckland’s west coast, which means he’s got easy access to waves when it’s firing. He’s also a top man who’s always happy to step out of his shaping bay for a yarn about board design.